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Sunday, December 27, 2009


book out on thursday .. cuz its xMaS day eve! haha .. went home .. bathe ler str8 slp liao.. dam tired.. den at night woke up .. makan, play some games.. then after that slp again =D ... nothing much =O

now my NS quite relax ler .. basically just morning PT , then start to learn all those scanners and stuff.. last week was whole week Lectures. this week duno will be what.. hope its more relaxing .. lols .. AND ITS GOIN TO NEW YEAR!!! CAn't wait for it to come and go to the ......... =D ... Enjoy all ur New yeaR !!!

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Saturday, December 19, 2009

=D ..

SSC night was fun.. reach there bout 4pm.. afew was there only.. mostly all late =O ... then started off with a soccer match, after that , wash up and get rdy to fetch all the girls .. around 7pm most of it was here.. then started to eat and eat and eat.. after that was the performance.. which .. lol duno what to say... lasted for around 2hours? .. then it ended .. but be4 we go, we all tie up "Mozzie" and brought him to the room.. and rape-ness started ! .. muahahaha... after that, send the girls home, and i went home bathe and went to meet ahem.. slack slack drink drink talk cock abit.. then go "san bu" awhile jiu go home ler.. left with 3 more week for the On Job Training and duty will start ler.. how i wish ORD time is less than a year from now t.t...

anyway thanks for coming for the chalet. =) ...

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Sunday, December 13, 2009


nvr do anything much this weekend.. just went out slack and stuffs like that, then ytd went the clementi there de kbox .. was goin mad at there lols.. there like got alot rooms but like no ppl wan o.0 ... too budget ler i tink .. tis week is the last week for the course and then On Job Training ler.. heard its tough but nvm, who am i .. LOL .. tis friday is the SSC night , celebrating end of course and they opening a chalet for the celebration!.. =)

waiting for u... ... ...

this pic was taken when the pdf BBQ time .. =)

=) ..

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Saturday, November 28, 2009

imma back ! ..

ytd went to The Heren with si yuan, to watch Perry dancing ""popping"".. and he gotten himself a 2nd place .. its kinda cool sia that kind of dance.. lols.. then that si yuan keep at there see girl nia.. there the girl machiam .... wooosh... he go there not see him dance but see girl .. bitch.. after that took cab down to tamp mall cause the sai jon went to fetch Poh Cheng and Beng.. then wait mi there.. den went up his car, head off to ... Dempsy Road ( hope i spell correctly ) ... went there to ate ice cream, and .. ofcuz also talk cock + see girl.. lols.. then we went OCC for billard.. after that went to yishun damp to slack.. only got bike gathering there.. sians.. then went home! ...

todae went mrs tan house.. so called gathering, saw some old fellow mates .. so long never see all change ler lols .. hope all doin well =D ...

Looking for A Girl for Chalet on 18 DEC !!!

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Saturday, November 21, 2009

FAN AH !!!!!

ytd went northpoint to meet si yuan, kevin n his stead, met awhile den kevin n his gf went walking while me n si yuan also went walking but different directions -_- . then we went funland to play . so fun playing the drum LOL .. our plan was actually meet den walk around northpoint n go bugis .. but that sai bin so imba late ... end up we slack at funland from evening to midnight? .. -_-! ... after that he wanna go home aready, den sai jon and poh cheng drive come northpoint and fetch mi den went to tampines to fetch beng n sai chew... went to changi village *rounding* -.- .. then bought some beer and went to the ... hmmm .. somewhere where u can see the aeroplane flew pass u on top... went there to slack sit down talk cock drink n stuff... so fun hanging out with them.. bunch of talk-cockster. =D ...

in camp, well... still the same.. training all stuff.. this week gonna learn Pistol . awaiting very long liao .. lols .. left few more weeks .. hmm around 3-4 weeks more den post out ler .. got more time to slack with the sai's again ! .. now stress is the damn course end got a chalet for celebration i tink.. and its a compulsory to bring a partner ! holy mamamamama.. hope can find someone soon ..

really wish u could go.. .. ..

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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Wassup guys !! got really nothing to do so started blogging again . lols.

in the army now, so sian.. the training is like !@#$%.. but still can tahan bah . inside ppl not bad can joke all that . every weekend been goin out with the saibins, go chiong, slack, talk cock. Gonna miss u guys sia.. got time nw mus really go out slack if nt nxt time all tio posted for duty no time ler.. so mus enjoy now !!! below are the pics taken while slacking chilling tgt ! ..

imma go for my dota now. gonna book in tonight too .. shag..
Cya nExt week =D

The Sai's !!


Another Group of Sai's from Bronco Coy!!

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